Why invest in film?

Why choose us?

I'm so glad you asked. 

You love memories. You love how they take you back to that exact moment in time and bring out the tangible emotion you felt back then. You cherish the sacred moments that were captured and that make you say to yourself, "I'm so glad we did that" with a giant joyful sigh of contentedness. 

You're wildly in love and don't care who knows it. You've dreamt about your wedding day not as the day all the perfect Pinterest posts come to life but as the day when you know that you and your person become one, inseparable, by sacred vows and promises before God, your closest friends and family. Finally, you get to have your person for life. 

This is you and your person. This is you watching your wedding video 10 years from now reminding yourself of the love you THOUGHT you had for them, but it's 10x or 100x as much as that now! The trials, the tribulations, the joys, the mountain tops ... your wedding video takes you back to that moment when you said your vows, reminding you of for better or for worse, for the joy and for the sorrow, and makes you believe in the power of love and marriage even more. 

This is why you invest and choose film. Because you believe that the memories you've made are worth capturing and remembering forever, reminding you and pushing you forward in the power of marriage.



We are Kiersten + Jonah! 


We love the sacredness of marriage, the promises made between husband and wife, and joy that this bond brings. 

Kiersten is the lead owner and filmmaker of Loree Videography! She was a photographer for 5 years, but wanted something more challenging and fulfilling in the creative world and tapped into the film scene in 2015. She's the lady you'll sit down with, have coffee or tea with, share your story with, and share your excitement over your marriage to your person soon. It's more than just your wedding day to her and she wants to capture that, and the wild and crazy adventure you're about to embark upon! 

Jonah is Kiersten's right hand man, husband, helper, and all-around MVP. He'll make any groom feel comfortable and at ease on your big day. He's a "big kid" and loves to have fun, while making sure that he captures what is so deeply important to your relationship. He loves being behind the camera and bringing out the best in the couples. 

We've been married since May 2015, and believe in everlasting, God-honoring, wild, silly, deeply passionate, fun, joyful, kind, and enduring marriages. 

Choose us to capture the heart of what your relationship is really all about.