Swaziland - El Shaddai

When I was on the World Race the second country I visited was Swaziland. My squad and I stayed at an orphanage, El Shaddai, on a beautiful mountain top, secluded from everything. Those orphans stole my heart, so of course I have to share them with you! 

The kids stories are jaw dropping and gut wrenching, and El Shaddai provided a haven for them amidst a broken world. I am so thankful to have met those kids, to have loved those kids, and to have seen with my own two eyes how beauty can come from brokenness. 

Below is the video I made from when I was there, forgive the quality, old camera, old system! 


Consider partnering with El Shaddai, with their mission of giving orphaned children an actual home, education, and a chance. Help put the motion behind their ministry! Below is the link to their website.