The African SOUP - Impacting Lives through Love

The moment I stepped foot onto The African SOUP's campus I started to cry. Now, if you know me (Kiersten), you know I don't cry very often...usually just extreme circumstances! But this time I couldn't even stop the tears from falling. 

My dear friend, Brin Enterkin, had a vision of the African SOUP when we were sophomores in college which I never thought I'd actually get to see in person years down the track. Yet, the good Lord allowed the Jonah and I that very opportunity to go and see with our own eyes the amazing and inspiring creation of The African SOUP school.

Alongside her co-founder, Michael Kaidhiwa, Brin cast the vision of the African SOUP and then, with God, they built what the SOUP is now from the ground up, literally. I had heard the stories and seen the pictures of what the SOUP was transforming to be, but never in my mind could I really envision what the SOUP had become. Now having gone and set my feet on Ugandan soil, placed my hands on the walls of the SOUP school, and laid my eyes on the determined faces of the SOUP pupils, I can officially say that it is more amazing than photos, facebook, and even videos can show. 

Even the words I write here don't do the SOUP justice, but I pray that the video I have created does. So, after two weeks spent laboring in Uganda here is one of the videos I created for them to show folks everywhere how The African SOUP is daily impacting lives through love.