Paul + Erika


I don't know how to say this any other way than the fact that these two are UNBELIEVABLE. The gentleness, the genuine care, the love, and the thankful attitude they showed towards not only me but everyone around them at their wedding was humbling and inspiring. Love the message of their marriage and the joy shine outwards. What a sweet gift these two were!! Cheers you guys! 

Erika said ... 
We always knew that we wanted a videographer to capture our special day, but it wasn't until I met with Kiersten that I truly realized the importance of her work, and the love that she poured into each of her clients. Loree Videography is made up of a loving, husband and wife team who go above and beyond their active role on your wedding day. Choosing Loree Videography to capture our special day was by far our favorite decision! We now have a beautiful video to share with all of our friends/family and for us to treasure for the rest of our lives. We have received SO many compliments on our video and it is truly a testament to the love, faith, and time that Kiersten and her husband devote to their work. We feel so blessed that we were able to go through that joyful season with Kiersten and her husband by our side.

Cody + Lisa 


Love in the waiting. This is what I think of when I think of Cody and Lisa. They waited, they grew, they waited some more, and then they pledged forever together. I was so honored to be apart of their long awaited union and had all the pleasure of celebrating their love. Cheers to you guys! 

Lisa said ...

"Wow! I honestly don't even know where to begin! My husband and I were hesitant at first about investing in a videographer for our wedding day but now I can 100% say I am SO GLAD we did!!! Loree Videography was an absolute gift from God to work with! There is no doubt that we will cherish our wedding video forever!!! I love that we will be able to relive this day as often as we would like with just watching this video. We were so comfortable all day and didn't even feel like there were video cameras surrounding us. All I can say is I am one happy customer and would refer Loree Videography to all of my friends and family!"

Joe + Morgan


Joe and Morgan are so FUN, and I think shot more dancing and laughter footage than any other wedding! These memories are SO fun and I'm SO grateful they chose me to capture all that fun! Woohoo!

Morgan said ...

"Kiersten was beyond wonderful to work with! We met months before the wedding in person to discuss our separate ideas on the video, she took notes, and emailed us the contract and notes the next day! The day of the wedding, her and her husband were not only super helpful but my bridal party loved having them around! My maid of honor decided to use her as a videographer in her wedding next year! Very prompt communication and easily reachable with questions. Payment was made simple by using 2 payments on Venmo, a deposit and a final payment after the video was produced. Her videos speak for themselves and are simply a work of art and creativity! I'm so glad to have chosen Loree videography to not only create a beautiful film of our wedding day that will last forever, but to also have her as a source of joy and encouragement throughout the hectic day! I would highly recommend to everyone!"

Jason + Ashley 


Honestly, I'll never forget this wedding. I never want to forget this wedding. Ashley + Jason are PRIZED clients and I cannot say enough about them as people. Their love is CONTAGIOUS and radiant, and I cried at their wedding, and continually editing this video because of how special their love is. I could cry all over again thinking about it! This one is for the books!! 

Ashley said ....

"I wish I could rate 20 stars out of 5!!!!! Loree Videography was absolutely AH-MAZING. I have been stalking them work since I found them. I came across them on wedding wire because it defaulted to Chattanooga without me realizing it and my lawd am I happy it did!!! They are one of the most creative, caring, talented souls I have ever met! They arrived at the sight with so much excitement and it made me even more excited about how awesome our location was. They took the time to get shots that we didn't want to miss and had great communication through the whole process and day of. We are so very blessed to have them as friends now! I have to say my favorite part of the night was seeing the two of them get on the dance floor and have a dance themselves. When a couple that jives so well together, it's only obvious their love will pour into their work. Love you two!"

Cam + Mallory Rancudo 


Always, always, always, always a pleasure to work with folks who truly appreciate the creativity and labor I put into my work. It is also always a pleasure to work amazing couples in general, who are kind, are patient, are relaxed, and who want their marriage to be strong and ever lasting. That is 100% Cam + Mal. What a joy these two were! 

Mallory said ...
"Kiersten is an amazing videographer. She was easy and fun to be around on our wedding day. We gave her the creative freedom to put our video together and it was AMAZING! She is so talented and I'm sure will be booking up so fast! She was very affordable compared to other videographers and she is as talented if not more. It is a memory of our wedding day that we hope to watch often and many years down the road. I would highly suggest Loree Video for your wedding day! "                         

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Carrington + Catherine Akins


These two. The grace, the love, the encouragement, and the freedom these two bestowed upon me was absolutely incredible. And incredible could describe their day as well; it was simple, elegant, full of the Spirit, and moving. I mean I even shed a couple tears...seriously though. Thank you doesn't express my gratitude for these two. May the Lord bless every step you two take upon this earth.

Catherine said ...

"Kiersten and Jonah are seriously the kindest, most authentic AND creative husband and wife team that I have EVER seen and/or worked with. As a photographer in the wedding business, I encounter a lot, and man ... These two are just absolutely incredible. What makes it all perfect? They have a heart for the Lord and that's what drives her business. Love, Love, Love! You will NOT be disappointed!!!"

Jay + Morgan


You can just tell. You can just tell when two people really love each other, and it's a beautiful thing. I feel so privileged to have been asked by an old friend, Jay, and his fiance, now wife, Morgan, to have been their videographer to capture their wedding day. To me their love reflects just how much Jesus loves his bride, us, it's not forced, it's natural, it's unashamed, it's beautiful, it's sanctifying, and it's amazing to watch. Thanks for choosing me!

Morgan said ... 

"Working with Loree Videography was pure joy. Literally this girl deserves a thousand praise emojis. Kiersten was communicative, exciting and so darn talented. We thoroughly *enjoyed* getting to share our day with her. She was inconspicuous yet captured all of our most special moments, and our video?? It couldn't be better. She involved us in so many aspects and gave us such a personal, magical result. We might be vain, but we can't stop watching our video. So grateful for Kiersten and everything she did to make us feel loved and celebrated. Will not hesitate to recommend her whenever we get the chance!"

Zack + Sara Katherine 9.12.15

I am one thankful lady over here to have had the chance to film Zack + Sara Katherine's wedding day. It was filled with joy, love, Jesus, and so much fun. Every single moment was saturated with the love of God and with thankfulness for His provision over their wedding day. I couldn't have asked for a better couple to capture and tell a small portion of the story they share together. Much love to the new couple and many thanks for allowing me to be apart of me.

Zack said ...

"I work as a video producer full time, with that being said I can be very particular with style and the way I shoot a wedding. Kiersten shot our wedding beautifully, her composition is great, her style is unique, and she was a joy to be around. If you are lucky, you will be able to work with her husband as well who runs sound for her. He is a great guy, comfortable to be around if you happen to be reading your vows and sobbing from start to finish. Kiersten will get the shot she wants, she is not afraid to interact with the bride and groom which is a great quality in a wedding shooter. I would highly recommend Loree Videography!"

Kent + Rachel 8.22.15

Kent + Rachel are an ABSOLUTE JOY to be around, and so to have filmed one of the biggest days of their lives was truly a blessing to me! Rachel and Kent both exude joy, gentleness, kindness and love, and truly examples of the Father's Love. These two go to show you how much a client can impact you as a business owner. I am so thankful, so humbled, so honored, so overjoyed for the two of them. THANK YOU Mr. and Mrs. Boyd for being so good to me!

Rachel said ...

"I do not have enough words to describe my thankfulness for Kiersten and how she captured our sweet wedding day. The first time we watched our video, our eyes were filled with tears! It felt like we were reliving our every moment! The entire day we had full confidence in her and let her do whatever she wanted and because of that, our video turned out to be remarkable! We have had compliments from so many people saying that they felt as if they were at the wedding just from watching the video! We love the fact that she incorporated her character and heart in our video because it is truly unlike any other. We wanted our wedding day to be worshipful and Kiersten knew that and made the video just as sweet and worshipful! We could watch it every day for the rest of our lives and never get tired! Thank you so much Loree Videography! We would recommend you to anyone and everyone!!!!"

Byron + Bethany 7.11.15

Bethany + Byron share one heart for God and a passion for His Kingdom. I was HONORED to capture these moments of love between them. The love was deep and beautifully presented on their special day and I am thankful to have been just a small part of it!

"This girl knows what she is doing!!!! The day of your wedding can be so crazy that it's hard to really take everything in but I feel like I am able to really experience the whole wedding every time I watch the wedding video that Kiersten put together. My husband and I are beyond grateful for the way that Kiersten so perfectly captured and highlighted all the special moments in our day with such vibrancy and creativity! She was a huge source of encouragement throughout the entire day! If you want a quality video that you are proud to show people, Kiersten is the girl to capture your wedding!"